Monday, October 18, 2010

Pink Ribbon Challenge

   Today I left work early for a very important event- the PINK RIBBON CHALLENGE!  Every year, apparently, men, women, and children dress in pink and come together to march to a designated area.  They then form the breast cancer ribbon and get their picture taken from the sky.  This year D and I participated.  I wouldn't have had I not seen the notice in the paper that it was canceled due to rain and that it would be held today instead.
   Braving cold winds, we marched up to the hospital parking lot.  We stood shoulder to shoulder with survivors and family members.  We raised pink balloons and pink gloved hands to the sky.  And what we felt, I believe, was this -- WE ARE AWARE OF YOU BREAST CANCER!  WE ARE AWARE OF ALL CANCER!  WE WILL CONQUER YOU!  WE REALLY WILL!  An aerial photo was taken then, and we all went into a huge tent to listen to a survivor, a survivor's husband, a doctor, a hospital board member and the mayor.  Moving testimony all, and I was very glad to be there.
   After cake and cookies, doughnuts and coffee, seeing old friends and signing up for raffles it was time to go.  As I blew into my hands to warm them, I thought, what a good day.  What a beautiful day.  What amazing strides have been taken since we first started paying attention to our breasts.  We are a nation of survivors and we owe it, to the victims claimed, to fight. 
   To those victims I say Thank you.  You will not be forgotten.  We've learned along the way and you did not die in vain.
Thank you Nana.  You save my life every day.

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