Saturday, October 16, 2010

What's New?

   This week is almost over.  I keep telling myself not to rush time because you never know what tomorrow will bring, even what might happen this afternoon, but I'm so glad to be out of the office, even if it's only for two days.  I work with a great, small bunch of folks.  It's the some of the rest of the bunch I've been having a problem with and I have been asking God for strength to deal with them for a long time now.  I was looking for new employment, but I think I'm going to stay where I am for awhile and see how the wind blows.
   So I got a nice surprise at the beginning of the week.  Remember last weekend when I participated in the Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Hop?  Well, I won some blog candy and I am totally siked!  I know I have Gen's Den as one of the blogs I follow, but I encourage you to look up her blog and take a look at her crafting - she's really good!  Actually, all the blogs I follow are very good and the women are wonderful!  Check them out!
   I almost forgot!  I went to the birthday party last weekend and it was so much fun!  It was H's first and she was a little shy at first but then she loved it!  I'm so glad I took her!
   It's Saturday and I have to decide what I'm doing.  Last week I put up carrots and peppers in the freezer.  That was so satisfying.  While D was helping out at the new Habitat House I got it done and I really felt good about it.  Veggies from our own garden, in our freezer!  Yay!
   This weekend we are purchasing a treadmill.  We've been with a gym the last six months, but my hours have changed at the office and with winter coming on I know I'm not venturing out into it after I get home.  Putting it on the card, but without the cost of the gym we'll be able to pay it off with the membership fee in a few months.
   I'm having a candle party on Sunday.  It's the first one I've been to in four years.  I can't wait to smell all the new candles that are out and to see what I can get my hands on for Christmas presents.  There was a contest on the radio a couple months ago and they said that people hated getting candles as gifts, but I don't find that with my people.  I love it, and so do my friends.  I bet it's just guys...
   Oh, just as a precaution to some pet owners out there.  Please feel your pets up!  We've found three ticks this past week after a season with none.  Remember to use tweezers and to pull the head out, not just the body.  Your pets will thank you for it!  
   And with that, I better go shower up and get on with my day.  Have a great weekend!

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