Saturday, October 2, 2010

Canadian Geese

The Canadian Geese have been flying over our house every morning and evening for the last couple weeks.  Everyday it seems their club gets bigger.  Last night I was watching them fly over and there were thousands flying in groups of the same v, some bigger, some smaller, but all going in the same direction.  Except one.  he was flying through them.  So while everyone was flying east, he flew north.  You could hear him honking too, like he knew the right way to go and was trying to get everyone else to turn around, to follow him, because this was the way.  I kept yelling up to him, you're going the wrong way, silly goose, the wrong way!  But this morning I'm wondering if he was.  What if he was right all along?  What if the rest of the group is wrong?  At least this one goose had the gumption, the confidence, to take a different flight plan.  To call attention to it, to alert the others.  If they didn't follow it was their choice, but he let them know it was there.
I want to be that goose.  I need to take that different path.  Things are changing, just like the weather and even though I'm afraid to go out there and try something new, I need to do that.  I don't have to do what the rest of the group does.  I have to do what's right for me.
Thank you not-so-silly goose.  It took me all night to realize what you were showing me, but it finally makes sense...

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  1. You go on that wild goose chase to find the right path! Take gumption!