Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's a Wrap!

I was going to write about my troubles and woes of the week but I can't.  I can't do that to you.  I will write about my highlights instead!
A couple weeks ago I won a Unibinder on facebook through the Unibind Company - that arrived on Wednesday and I was so excited because I'm usually not around when things get delivered, but I was this time!  I saw the UPS truck pull up in front of the house and ran out on the porch.  D told the driver that he was my most favorite person today because I had been waiting for that package!  As soon as we got it inside - 2 boxes - we opened them and took pictures.  It was an awesome prize!  I love to scrapbook, and take pictures, and write, and now I will be able to bind my own books for a small cost of the cover!  It's pretty neat and I'll be able to make my own gifts!  I installed the software and played around with it yesterday afternoon for a little while!
I updated my resume this week too.  I know it doesn't sound like a highlight, but it is.  Looking at the finished product I realize that I am smart and that I have some good experiences to share.
My daughter's boyfriend's children - what can I say?  I love those kids so much!  Every time I see them they give me these amazing hugs and I feel amazing after!  These kids are so resilient, and they deserve so much more.  I want to be that one stable adult that they can depend on.  Smart as whips and loving as the day is long, they deserve some happiness and stability and hopefully as they grow I can give that to them.
Did I ever tell you I'm a Fiskateer?  I just finished up an ATC (Artist Trading Card) challenge and sent them in to the challenge coordinator yesterday.  I love this group!  I love to scrapbook and have at least a dozen finished books sitting behind me right now as I type, plus others that are in progress over on my desk.  This group has challenged me in the way I scrap - from on line crops to new ideas, like the trading cards, to reaching out.  When I post my projects on my profile, people actually reach out and let me know what they think of it.  People that seem to look at life kind of like me!  Even though they're on-line and miles away, I still consider them my friends.  They are such good people!
Oh, and the weather is great the last couple days!  We were able to pull up all our tomato plants, and today we're going to do the rest of the gardens and get them ready to plant garlic.  This will be our first year trying this so we're real excited!
Yesterday, I was feeling a little down.  I feel like I've lost control somewhere along the way and I was sitting on the front porch, sorting tomatoes and praying.  A dragonfly flew by me and I looked at it.  It was just a small red-bodied dragonfly, no more than two inches long.  I love dragon flies, and usually way before now I've sat out and had several land on me.  Not this year.  When I saw it I greeted it.  If you know me I talk to everything except people.  I don't know why except maybe I feel I won't get turned away by everything else.
Like I said I was feeling down and saw the dragonfly.  I asked it where it had been all year and that I was really glad to see it.  I took it as a sign that things will get better, for me and my child.  It flew off and I turned my attention back to the tomatoes.  A couple minutes later it landed on my hand.  I felt the grace of God come over me and I whispered thank you to his messenger.  I was able to shake off my feelings of dread and to feel special for a moment.
Thank you.

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