Tuesday, July 27, 2010


According to Wikipedia, Karma is basically energy. One person throws out energy through thoughts, words and actions, and it comes back, in time, through other people. 
D and I try to create positive karma by trying to do the right thing and hopefully we'll live a long and happy life.  We're not Hindu or Buddhist.  I'm catholic and I think he was brought up protestant.  It doesn't matter.  What we do know is that you live your life doing unto others as they would do unto you.  A couple weeks ago we went blueberry picking.  The blueberries were so abundant and beautiful, and tasty, that we picked quite a bit.  We could have gone home and freezed them up but instead we took a couple quarts to my mom and one to the couple that runs the store in town.  The husband was under the weather and the wife was taking care of him and the store.  We gave them a quart.  They wanted to pay us but we told them no, that it was on us.  Just enjoy them.  It felt good to just give and not expect or want anything in return.
A couple days later we went to the next town over and stopped into the town farm store.  We bought some garlic and were asking the shopkeepers how the cherries were were coming along.  They had a tree in their yard and we had been amazed to see real cherries growing up here.  They told us they were ripe and had picked quite a few.  They also told us to go over and pick some for ourselves.  They gave us large plastic coffee can containers to fill.
The whole time we picked, which I have to admit was quickly because there were so many cherries, I couldn't help but think how awesome it was that people were so nice that they would send us to their home while they worked, to pick the cherries off their tree for our own enjoyment.  How unselfish.  How generous.  How very much like the way we want to be.
Sometimes it's not easy, and no one is perfect, but when I look back on that day I know that we are on a good path.  I hope that in some small way we might inspire someone else like that couple has inspired us.  Karma, it's definitely real and a very important part of our lives.

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  1. That is truly inspirational. You are on the right path, for sure.