Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trying Something New

Well, I started it. I finally got up the nerve and started my new hobby. Well, tried it anyway. I grabbed the sketching pencils, eraser and canvas and sat down and got to work. I used a picture of my dog and graphed it. Then I graphed the canvas as close to the same dimensions of the photo, only bigger, if that makes any sense, and then I just drew. And you know what? It doesn't look too bad! It actually looks like a dog! Now I haven't started painting it yet. I might try that this weekend and see where it goes. I do know that it probably won't look professional, but it will look like someone cared about what they were doing.

I chose Toby's picture because it actually inspired me. I have a photo of him in my office. He's sitting behind the fence just staring off in the distance, and the greenery in the background blurs because the camera is focusing in on him. I remember the day I took the photo because D was in the yard with a friend doing a project for my office. I was wandering around the yard shooting whatever caught my eye- the side yard with it's new growth, the trees, the sky with it's strange gold coloring that we get in the evening. Toby was by the fence with the guys, but his attention was caught by something. Maybe he heard something because he sure didn't see it. Once he actually sees what has grabbed his attention he becomes a reaction of barking, running and jumping. Basically, he's your typical beagle.

Toby will be seven next year and I am so glad that Beagles are expected to live a long time because I don't know what I would do without him. I've raised him from puppyhood (six weeks old), and it's like he's my very own boy. I know, get a life, but this IS my life. So that's how he became my very first subject for a painting.

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