Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

I think I honored Labor Day pretty well. I labored all weekend around the house. I pulled almost all the weeds out of the big garden, vaccuumed all the floors in the house and washed the downstairs floor, cleaned the bathroom and started prepping the walls for my big redecorating idea. I cleaned out the air system, including soaking the big unit and washing the filters. I cleaned out the fridge and emptied the garbage- several times. Did some shopping for the house. Started teaching the dogs how to stay off the couch. AND I did laundry.

Now here's some things I didn't do. I didn't do any scrapbooking. I didn't start my new hobby, which is painting. I'm not sure if I'm going to do watercolor or acrylic, but I didn't even try. I am so afraid of failure its not even funny. My BF got home from a 3-day festival first thing this morning and when he asked me why I hadn't tried it I almost started crying. Well, I did start, but not huge sobs. I just teared up.

I feel so guilty about keeping the dogs off the couch. They're so used to sitting with us and they look at me like I hate them if I'm sitting there, so now I don't. I didn't sit on the couch all weekend. We're thinking about obedience classes for the girls as well as ourselves. We'll see...

Not very interesting, but it's a start. It ll get better, I promise.

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