Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Dumbing Down of American Citizens

Yes, you read that right. America is getting more and more stupid every time one turns around. It turns my stomach when I think about it, but this latest outcry regarding the President's speech to school children just kills me.

Parents don't want the President to tell their children to work hard and stay in school? To get an education? To find your niche to become a productive member of society? I suppose these are the parents that let their children talk back to the teachers. They are the ones who buy violent video games for the kids at Christmas and let them sit in front of the game for hours. These are the parents who let their teenagers smoke and drink at home, because they can keep an eye on them. Hell, they probably smoke pot with their kids or trade pills with them.

The reason I say this is because ignorance breeds ignorance and somewhere along the way these things have become acceptable to middle class America. Unfortunately, it's come with a price. Our knowledge. Our wisdom passed down through the generations is being discarded at an unreasonable rate.

Not listen to the President? The most powerful person in America? We tell our children they can grow up to be President and it's more true now than it ever has been, and we're telling our kids not to listen? What in God's name are we doing? Think America. Bring back books and make our children read them. Bring back recess and make our children physically play. Teach them to work well with others and not to hide behind a text message. Show them the value of a human life, or any life for that matter, by taking them to a hospital- for people or animals. Teach your children compassion.

And for Heaven's sake, teach them patriotism. Teach them to be proud of their country and their President. Teach them that they can make a difference. Let them know its OK to like to learn. Teach them that they can be more than their parents. It's so important. Right now. This is the time.

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