Saturday, June 12, 2010


Does anyone have as much trouble as I do getting organized? I try to keep everything neat and clean in the space that I have, but eventually it all becomes too much and I'm back to organizing.
Let me explain, I'm a scraphead. I love scrapbooking and putting my photos into books. I think it stems from an early love of office supplies. Post-its and wire-bound notebooks were my first love. Pens and markers and pencils still rule!
Scrapbooking amped up the fanaticism with awesome paper designs and weights and feel. Ribbon, stamps, punches and brads - all catch my attention, and as I browse through craft shops I reach out and touch them with the reverence reserved for great artists, because I can see what a great masterpeice these could create!
I've stopped shopping. I must scrap more to bring my supplies down so I can get organized so I can shop more! It's a never ending cycle, yet so satisfying. The best part is that my other half thinks my scrapbooking is awesome, so he never begrudges me my stock-up sales, or must-have buys! I don't take advantage of his generosity. however, instead of scrapbooking supplies, maybe I'll purchase some organization equipment. Hmmmm, novel idea... Must
Have a great day!

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