Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Several weeks ago I started planting in the house. Vegetables and herbs. Less than a quarter have popped up and I'm feeling pretty depressed about that. I'm going to try starting some more and see if they were bum seeds, but I will say one thing- I won't order from that seed company again. One shot is all you get with me. The planting season is short in upstate NY. You don't get a whole lot of chances to get your plants in the ground in time for a good growing season.
My daffodils have started to bloom and I'm waiting for the iris' that we bought at the Morley Yard Sales last year, to bloom. They've made it out of the ground, but it'll be awhile, quite awhile...
The little grape hyacinths have started their showing and they should be out in full force by the end of next week, I should think. We also picked up a rose last weekend that we are planting very soon, maybe Sunday.
We have one casualty this year so far - my Peace Rose. It's been blooming for three or four years now, beautifull yellow to blush on the edges and when I uncovered it this spring it looked dead. Of course, miracles happen in the plant world all the time, so I am leaving it alone for a couple more weeks. I really have no hope for it, but it's hard to say goodbye...
Last but not least, our goldfinches are back in full force and we are refilling the feeder every two days with Nyger seed. It's good to see them, the mourning doves, the cheery fat little robins, even those loud grackles! We saw a hawk on a telephone line last night, intently watching something below her. Awesome!
So, how is your garden growing? What's popping it's head out and making itself known? Who is showing up in your yard?

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