Friday, November 5, 2010

Little Boy Sick

   Let's start out by saying I have become a "Me-maw" in the last several months to two wonderful kids who haven't had quite a wonderful life.  My daughter has been seeing this guy whose children just came to live with him this summer and I have to say that I've fallen in love with them.  They are so energetic and bright and loving that everytime I spend time with them I want to keep them with me.
   Today the youngest had to have surgery.  He's been complaining the last couple of weeks of stomach pain, off and on.  Today was really bad and I convinced my daughter to take him to the hospital.  Appendicitis.  So the little bugger had surgery.  We didn't get to the hospital before he went in but were there when he got out and I just wanted to hug his pain away!  There's nothing that brings out the love in me like a kid that needs love.  He's ok and sleeping and that's all that matters.
   I'm so proud of my daughter, though.  She's been with him through all of this.  His father wasn't.  In fact I have no idea where his father was through all of this.  All I know is that he was on his way after he got the call that his son was out of surgery.  I'm thankful he had my daughter to lean on even when his own father was awol. 
   I just had to post.

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